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Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion (TRAP)

Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion (TRAP)

What is Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion (TRAP)

TRAP is a serious condition diagnosed via ultrasound and an echo, which can be done in the clinic, and is personally reviewed by Dr. Mehra.  When this condition is present, one twin is found to be growing appropritely, while the other twin exhibits a lack of vital organs and systems necessary for sustaining life outside the womb.    

There are several treatment options avaialbe for families facing this diagnosis.  Some of those interventions include:

  • Umbilical cord occlusion by embolization
  • Ligation
  • Laser photocoagulation
  • Intrafetal radiofrequency ablation

 While this is undboutedly an incredibly difficult moment for parents to face, Dr. Mehra and his team are fully equipped to provide the necessary interventions and support for the families under his care.